Unmissable: Why I’ve switched off from Broadchurch - I’ve had enough of David Tennant’s misery

David Tennant and Olivia Colman in Broadchurch, series two.
Pic: ITV/Kudos.

David Tennant and Olivia Colman in Broadchurch, series two. Pic: ITV/Kudos. - Credit: PA

Episode three of Broadchurch is coming on ITV at 9pm on Monday, but I can’t be alone in switching off from this one, writes Elliot Furniss.

David Tennant’s performance has gone from intense and troubled to downright grumpy. He’s the least likeable lead character on a TV show in years, constantly frowning, being generally unpleasant or at least rather frosty with everyone.

The courtroom scenes not only lack tension but go against legal procedure at almost every turn. I’m no seasoned crown court reporter but I’ve covered plenty of cases over the years and whenever there’s any hint of legal argument, the jury is routinely marched off into a side room before returning once things have been agreed by counsel and the judge. And that’s just the most glaringly obvious break from reality. I know it’s a drama, not a documentary, but would a child’s body ever be exhumed without the family being informed?

The new storyline with the Sandbrook angle is entirely inconsequential and seems like it’s been crowbarred in due to a lack of new ideas or a direction in which to take the second series.

Of course there’s plenty of good stuff to get stuck into.

There’s more GIRLS(also on Monday, Sky Atlantic, 10pm) with Lena Dunham and co following up on a great opening episode of the fourth season. It’s risqué and unflinching, but it’s the best comedy around.

The Eichmann Show(BBC2, 9pm, Tuesday) starring Martin Freeman as a TV producer covering the “trial of the century” focusing on famous Nazi Adolf Eichmann could be an early frontrunner for drama of the year; the superb 24 Hours in Police Custody continues on Tuesday, also at 9pm on Channel 4; and we have the start of Wolf Hallon BBC2 at 9pm on Wednesday with a fantastic cast