Video: Best of British Wrestling’s Ipswich Waterfront brawl

When his chat with Best of British Wrestling’s Mr TNT Steve Morocco turned into a public brawl with 7ft opponent eXodus and his promoter Stuart Lake, entertainment writer WAYNE “THE POCKET ROCKET” SAVAGE had no choice but to step in.

WE’RE back in the office and all three are behaving themselves... so far.

If they don’t want me getting rough again they’d better stick to discussing Best of British Wrestling’s two-hour family spectacular at Greshams Sports and Social Club, Tuddenham Road, Ipswich, from 5.30pm on June 19.

With around 20 fighters taking part in five contests and an over the top rope rumble it sounds an action-packed night from the Colchester-based company, which also runs a school for potential wrestlers.

Taking part are Rocker Richards Vs Billy Hunter Vs James Dhamer, Kidd Krazy Vs Bad Boy Joey Naylor, Mr TNT Steve Morocco Vs eXodus with Disco Stuart Lake, “Philthy” Phil Powers Vs Paul Tyrrell, The LDRS of The New School Vs The Wonderkid Jonny Storm and “The Misfit” Jorge Castano.

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“Obviously they’ve put me up against a very big guy; we’ll soon see what happens when he gets on the floor. As far as I’m concerned, when someone’s on their back they’re no taller than me,” says TNT.

I ask eXodus what he thinks; nothing.

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“Ask his spokesman here, the man with all the mouth,” chimes in TNT.

“The man with all the answers. It’s easy Morocco, eXodus gets in the ring and he’ll just put you out of action. You’re coming back from your neck injury, you claim you’re 100 per cent fit but eXodus will get in the ring, that choke slam appears, one, two, three it’s all over. You’re laid on your back and you’re out again,” brags Stuart.

Here we go again. I steer the conversation towards Best of British Wrestling’s Halloween Haywire show at the Felixstowe Spa Pavilion on October 30.

“It’s going to be a great night of wrestling. I presume Mr TNT is going to claim he’s going to be there, but he’ll be out of action by then so we’ll probably have someone to face off against eXodus,” says Stuart. “Also from parts unknown will be the mysterious Voodoo and the likes of Bad Boy Joey Naylor, Phil Powers and it’s going to be a great show it’s...”

“I take it they’re all on your team are they,” interrupts TNT. “I take it they’re all wearing make-up then?”

“What do you mean wearing make-up,” asks Stuart, getting out his chair.

“Naylor is continuously glam-rocking himself up; he looks like a big girl.”

“What do you mean looks like a girl? He’s got that long beautiful blonde hair, he looks beautiful; you know what, he’s the most beautiful man in wrestling.”

Boys, boys, I interrupt. I hear the Greshams show’s going to be hosted by Town 102FM’s Nick “The Panda” Pandolphi?

“He did say he was routing for Mr TNT but look at eXodus, the man’s a monster,” says Stuart.

I’d rather not, he could use me to pick bits of smaller wrestlers out his teeth once he’s finished eating them for breakfast given half a chance.

“You think Mr TNT would have learnt by now,” Stuart smiles.

“As far as I’m concerned I reckon his mother didn’t love him,” says TNT. “All he needs is a little bit of loving from you,” says TNT.

“The only love we have is the love of putting you out of the wrestling business mate I’m telling you,” snarls Stuart.

While they trash talk I ask eXodus if he’s any final words... still nothing.

“He does his talking in the ring,” says Stuart.

“He’s confused,” snorts TNT.

I warned them what would happen and they’re soon continuing their row out on the street. Don’t mess with the Savage.

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