Video: Didgeridoo player will blow you away

GET ready to be blown away by one of the world’s greatest contemporary didgeridoo players.

Dubravko Lapaine has driven from his home nation of Croatia, doing workshops and shows across Europe. He will play at Iken Barns from 7.30pm on Friday and from 7.45pm at St Peter’s by the Waterfront this Saturday.

“It’s a rare gift to have him here, unless it’s at one of the festivals it’s unlikely,” says friend, fellow player and concerts organiser Dave Chapman.

The Ipswich resident has been playing the didgeridoo - the world’s oldest wind instrument - for ten years or so and performing for two. He got to know Dubravko through the festival circuit.

Played ceremonially for centuries by the Aborigines, he says it’s only been used for contemporary music in the West for a few decades.

“I’m making it my mission to enlighten people that the didgeridoo is anything but a dull instrument and definitely not the exclusive right of the Legend,” he laughs.

“It’s a fantastic instrument and very, versatile. We’re moving away from the wee wow kind of thing and towards the Debravko/ Ondrej Smeykal technique which is much faster and funkier. Can you call it dance music; not really but it’s got a kind of beat people can move to.”

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Tickets for the Iken Barns concert are available on 01728 688899 or For the Ipswich show visit The Cusp, Music World or call Dave on 07905 333090.

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