Video: Felixstowe Spa’s giant plant eats entertainment writer

Entertainment writer WAYNE SAVAGE went to Felixstowe’s Spa Pavilion to speak with the star of Little Shop of Horrors, Audrey II, but never came back. Several days later, this video was found.

A routine job turned to tragedy today after footage found in the Spa Gardens appeared to show entertainment writer Wayne Savage being eaten by Audrey II, one of the leading actors in this year’s Summer Youth Production.

The soul singing plant vanished after the group’s final show Saturday night; as did all the cast.

Police say it’s too early to speculate whether they - particularly Gareth Davey who played flower shop assistant Seymour Krelborn - are potential accomplices or victims. Harriet Bacon who played love interest Audrey, Emma Peake who played shop owner Mrs Musknik and Dominic Crane who played dentist Orin also disappeared during the show’s run.

The short video, found covered in what inside sources said appeared to be sap, shows Mr Savage speaking with Audrey II about the production and future shows coming up the seafront theatre before being lured into the giant plant’s mouth.

Police are asking people attending shows such as Bob the Builder, Joe Pasquale, Think Floyd, In the Mood for Miller and In Dreams at the Spa over the coming weeks to keep an eye out for Audrey II in case she returns to the Spa.

If anyone sees her they should contact staff immediately rather then confront her as she is considered vine-y and soulful.

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