Video: Film of the week - Burlesque

POP star Christina Aguilera takes her first leading role in a film alongside Oscar winner Cher in musical romance Burlesque.

Film: Burlesque

Rating: 12A

Genre: Drama, musical

Director: Steve Antin

Starring: Christina Aguilera, Cher, Stanley Tucci, Cam Gigandet

Released: December 17

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Ali (Aguilera) works as a waitress in Iowa but she secretly dreams of stardom beneath the glittering light of Los Angeles.

Thus, she heads for the city where she stumbles upon the Burlesque cabaret bar run by ex-dancer Tess (Cher) and best friend Sean (Tucci), who looks after the costumes.

Ali auditions for a role as one of the dancing girls, and promptly antagonises current leading lady Nikki (Kristen Bell).

She also catches the eye of hunky barman Jack (Gigandet), who already has a girlfriend, as well as local property developer Marcus.

More trouble looms on the horizon - Tess is months in arrears and the club will be sold off unless she can raise a small fortune in the next four weeks.

Can the club be saved?

Rating: 7/10