WATCH: Adorable newborn tigers captured on cub cam

The tiger cubs at Colchester Zoo are now two weeks old. Picture: COLCHESTER ZOO

The tiger cubs at Colchester Zoo are now two weeks old. Picture: COLCHESTER ZOO - Credit: Archant

Colchester Zoo welcomed three Amur tiger cubs to its family last month and now they have opened their eyes for the first time.

The three cubs turned two weeks old on Friday, June 28 - and have been growing stronger each day as their mother Taiga continues to show them a lot of attention.

It will be another few weeks until the cubs are out and about, but in the meantime this footage captures the cubs on camera with their eyes open for the very first time.

The tigers were born on Friday, June 14 after tigers Tiaga and Igor were successfully bred earlier in the year - making it the first time in Colchester Zoo's history that tigers have successfully been raised there.

Read more: 3 cute tiger cubs born at Colchester ZooThe arrival of the three cubs is not only exciting for the zoo, but it is also amazing news for the population of Amur tigers which are currently listed as endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list.

Amur tigers come from the Amur Region along the eastern border between China and Russia, with their habitat containing some of the coldest areas in the world. They are also known as Siberian Tigers and are the largest and palest of all tiger subspecies.

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The zoo will be making further announcements as the Amur cubs begin to settle into their home.

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