Video: YouTube sensation I Am Tich talks supporting JLS at Ipswich’s Chantry Park

She’s barely more than five foot, hence the name, but I Am Tich is causing a big stir in the music biz.

Filmed around her London flat, her original songs - including one co-written with Nick Jonas - and covers of hits by the likes of Christina Perri and The Wanted have racked up more than a million views on YouTube.

Tich - “It’s what all my friends and family call me; when people call me Rachel I feel like I’ve done something wrong, that’s what my mum says if I’ve been naughty,” she laughs - is no overnight web sensation though.

She left school at 15, knowing full well her future lay in music. Her YouTube success came after several years of live gigs.

“Over the last few months it’s been crazy. I didn’t expect them to excel or people to watch them all over the world as much as they do, it’s incredible. I put them up mainly for myself; then Louis from One Direction picked up on one of them, The Wanted picked up on another. They [the videos] have gone all over the world and I’ve got some amazing supporters from it which has been a blessing.”

She’s looking forward to joining A*M*E, Cover Drive and last year’s X Factor winners Little Mix on the JLS Sound City Summer Tour, which arrives at Ipswich’s Chantry Park on August 26.

“I’m happiest when I’m on stage or doing something to do with music; whether it’s in the studio, gigging or it’s four in the morning and I’m just jotting lyrics and stuff like that in my lyric book. No days off music...

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“I’m really looking forward to the show; I love doing any gigs and this is a really exciting one to be involved in.”

Performing via the web is one thing, but in front of thousands of “real” people is another.

Tich isn’t too fazed though, having recently wowed crowds at London’s Hyde Park during the jubilee celebrations and supporting Olly Murs at the Sound Island Festival.

“I was recording one of my videos at the time and my mum just phoned up and said ‘how about playing Hyde Park next week’? I was like ‘okay’ and didn’t really think about it. That was the first time I walked out and there were thousands of people. You go on autopilot and I can’t actually remember anything,” she laughs.

Writing and recording with one third of the Jonas Brothers was a big deal. Nick and Tich got together at his studio in LA but spent the day just hanging out.

“I don’t think we even started the song,” she laughs. “I went back to London and he asked to write with me again so flew over from LA and we wrote together for two days in London including Breathe In, Breathe Out. It just happened really naturally, he’s so so talented.”

Known for her covers, is she planning to give a JLS song the I Am Tich treatment?

“Maybe,” laughs the just turned 20-year-old. “I haven’t thought about it but yeah I might do a special cover or something when I’m there, just before or after.

“[Ipswich] audiences are in store for something they can sing along to. Just a great poppy, quirky, real performance. The can get ready for JLS, chill out and have fun.”

Several labels are interested in signing Tich who says releases are definitely on the cards. Right now, she’s enjoying the ride.

“I’m just going to see what happens. I’m really happy where I am and I’ve got the most amazing team around me; it’s exciting.”

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