Film review: Bigger, filthier and more entertaining than ever, Deadpool 2 is a superb sequel

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Picture: TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. Picture: TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX - Credit: Twentieth Century Fox

With its self-aware humour and ultra-violent fight sequences, Deadpool was one of the biggest hits of 2016, grossing $783,112,979 worldwide and becoming the highest grossing R-rated comedy in box office history.

This month, the titular fourth wall-breaking mercenary-turned-hero (Ryan Reynolds) returns in style with David Leitch’s sequel Deadpool 2.

Set some time after the events of the first film, the follow-up sees Deadpool form team X-Force in order to protect super-powered adolescent Russell (Julian Dennison) from the clutches of Cable (Josh Brolin), a time travelling mutant hell-bent on killing him.

Any notion that the anarchic antics of Deadpool would prove to be wearisome a second time around are quickly dispensed of in the first act.

The Atomic Blonde (2017) director seamlessly blends the tragedy and self-referential humour that made the first instalment such a success with his own trademark inventive action sequences - Cable’s siege on mutant prison The Icebox is especially well staged.

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Much of the film’s pleasures lie in the central protagonist’s interactions with the multitude of new characters, particularly Brolin whose gruff, ostensible baddie serves as a perfect comic foil to Reynolds’ foul-mouthed anti- hero.

As great as Brolin and rest of the supporting cast are this is Reynolds’ show; whether performing a deeply funny Basic Instinct (1992) gag or facing down seemingly invincible foes, he proves once again why he is the perfect fit for the role.

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