X Factor: School’s pride at Matt Cardle’s show success

STUDENTS and staff at a Suffolk school were yesterday celebrating the success of former pupil Matt Cardle after he won the television talent show X Factor.

The popular 27-year-old, from Little Maplestead, near Halstead, stole the show in Sunday’s final.

Mr Cardle, a painter and decorator prior to his X Factor success, went to Stoke College in Stoke by Clare, near Sudbury.

His former music teacher Adrian Marple told how he watched Sunday’s live final with baited breath.

Describing the moment Mr Cardle was announced victor, Mr Marple said: “I was totally excited but also relieved. He’s worked so hard for this and he has finally got what he’s deserved.

“For the students here it is an inspiration and it shows what you can do with tenacity and hard work.

“As his music teacher I’m proud of his talent - he’s taken it on further than I had thought! And he’s conducted himself so well.

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“He will be absolutely welcome back here to spend time with us and I would very much like to duet with him once again.”

Asked about Mr Cardle’s latent music talent, Mr Marple said what set him apart was the combination of his guitar playing, vocals and songwriting ability.

“When he performed something it was always something worth listening to,” said Mr Marple. “With Matt, you always see into his soul because he is giving of himself.