Town legend’s warning to England players

FORMER Ipswich Town and England captain MICK MILLS is to comment on the 2010 World Cup finals in South Africa for the Evening Star. Here he starts the ball rolling with his overall view of the tournament.


WORLD CUP: Mick Mills today had a warning for England’s players ahead of the finals that start in South Africa on June 11.

“If you don’t give it everything you’ll soon be on your way home,” said the former Blues skipper who captained his country in the 2002 finals in Spain.

Mills cannot wait for the finals to start and feels that England have the capacity to do well although he makes Spain the favourites.

“I’d do the boots or be the kit man,” said Mills. “I’d love to be involved in the England party.

“It’s an experience like none other.

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“But you have to be on the ball. You have to concentrate every day and there cannot be any messing around.

“You’ve got to do it right and give everything or you’ll be coming home.”

Mills says that the players will be under more pressure than they have experienced before and they have to learn to cope with it.

“It’ll be so intense,” he added. “You get used to taking banter from your club teammates, but you will be mixing with players from other clubs.

“Some of them, probably scousers, will be talking non-stop and you’ll just want to be somewhere quiet for a bit of peace.

“But you have to learn to cope with it all.

“In 1982 Ron Greenwood invited the likes of Bobby Robson, Terry Venables and Jack Charlton over to our training camp, and every training session had an added intensity.

“But I’d love to be involved and live the experience again.”

Mills sees Spain’s win in the European Championships as a pointer to their possible success in South Africa,

He explained: “It’s a monkey off their back.

“If you can win the European title you can win the World Cup although Brazil, Argentina and perhaps a couple of African-based countries might disagree.

“Spain are the best equipped player-wise and go into the finals with the best results. They will be the team to beat.”

N (SQUARE) READ Mick Mills’ thoughts on the England squad and why it is not as strong this time around, and what he sees as the weak links and his views on Fabio Capello will appear over the next week or so in the Evening Star.