Len has the answers to Town mystery

The interest I have received following the publication of the Ipswich Town gathering has been superb and thanks for that.Former Town man Len Fletcher contacted me with almost all the names of the players in the photo.

The interest I have received following the publication of the Ipswich Town gathering has been superb and thanks for that.

Former Town man Len Fletcher contacted me with almost all the names of the players in the photo.

Hi Mike,

Regarding the photograph in the Green'Un, October 6, of the Ipswich Town reunion, I have plenty of memories of that.

From the top left we have Billy Reid and Jack Parry who were totally inseparable, as depicted in this photo.

Whenever they could they would make way for each other?

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That was great and I was very friendly with both, as Billy (who travelled from Swansea) always stayed with us for any re-union. Billy had a “stammer”, and one year Pat Godbold could not stop Billy from giving the after-Dinner Address?

At least everyone enjoyed his true stories.

Billy was the first Ipswich Town player to win a cap, for Wales, while playing for the club.

Further along at the back there is Andy Nelson, captain of Sir Alf's victorious First Division champions in 1961/1962. George Clark and Ted Phillips complete that top set.

George Clark's main claim to fame, came when Ipswich met Notts County and he had the dubious privilege of marking Tommy Lawton after his move from Chelsea.

The centre forward that Tommy Lawton displaced at that time was non-other than Tom Garneys, who later on was transferred from Brentford to Ipswich. The rest is history.

As I was stationed in the Air Force in Nottingham, I was lucky to have been given the opportunity to train with the club by Major Buckley, the renowned manager of Notts County at that time.

Now from the furthest left there's Stanley Parker, Don Green, Peter Dobson, an unknown person then Ray Warne, another unknown, then Dennis Thrower, Willie Jones, Len Fletcher, Roy Stephenson, Larry Carberry, Basil Acres, Willie Callaghan, Ossy Parry, Tom Garneys and Jackie Little.

To the left in the middle is that lovely old trooper Jackie Green, who played for Ipswich in their very early days, as an amateur of course.

Next to him is Ian Gillespie, a former early Ipswich player, but whose greatest achievements, during his managerial days at Leiston, were to give Scott Duncan both Ray Warne and Ted Phillips.

Right in the front we have Herbert Rodwell, Brian Siddall, Ronnie Bolton , and I think the next person is the Great Jimmy Mcluckie, then lastly my great friend Tommy Parker.

Of all those in this picture, I am aware that nine are still alive today.

They are Jack Parry, Ray Warne, Andy Nelson, George Clark, Ted Phillips, Larry Carberry, Willie Callaghan, Ronnie Bolton, and myself, Len Fletcher.

This particular reunion was arranged by Tommy Parker and Basil Acres, who at the time were the organisers of the supporters' club fund-raising schemes, and is one of the last before we were given a somewhat better qualifying status by Sir Bobby Robson.

Who will ever forget that great game at Wembley when we beat the Brazil national team 4-0, with Stanley Matthews doing his dribbling act and Bobby Robson and Johnny Haynes beating the Brazillians, by back-heeling the ball to each other.

Could we do that today?

PAT Godbold, who was Sir Bobby Robson's secretary, during the Blues' halcyon days, also contacted me.

She used to help organise some of these events, and she is sure this was a Christmas do.

I ALSO received this note from Robin Gillespie.

“My father is the gent third from the left in the first row standing. His name is Ian Gillespie.

“The photograph brings back lots of memories. I still have my father's contracts when he played for Ipswich and prior to that Crystal Palace. You would not believe what his earnings were.

“I also have a letter signed By Sir Stanley Rouse asking my father to go on tour to Holland to play football, unfortunately he could not go but the letter is a nice keepsake.”

Thanks to Len, Pat and Robin for that and thanks to everyone who has contributed to this picture which has proved hugely popular.

And remember, if you would like to send us an old print, photocopy or scanned photograph do so. Just add a few details about it and we'll print it.

Mike Bacon, Green'Un Gold, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich IP4 1AN.