JM Restart is ready to tackle any of your technology-based issues, from shattered phone screens to dodgy Zoom connections. Owners Jason Mok and Matthew Baker launched the company back in 2015 to provide a broad spectrum of IT solutions with a high-quality level of support.

The team offers support to Ipswich and the surrounding areas, and can travel as far as London and Norfolk. They are also looking forward to offering one-to-one sessions once Covid restrictions have eased.

Matthew says: “At the beginning of the pandemic, a lot of the work we had centred around helping our customers work from home and helping customers learn to use software that was new to them, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

“We also helped our customers setup similar software and provide remote support to ensure their work and meetings went ahead without issue. To do this, we use a software called Splashtop Streamer to remotely access our customer’s devices – we also provide a lot of over the phone support.”

East Anglian Daily Times: Trust JM Restart to help you with any IT issuesTrust JM Restart to help you with any IT issues (Image: Vlad Kochelaevskiy)

JM Restart has built its enviable reputation through offering tailor-made solutions specific to each customer, rather than just providing packages organised by larger companies. Both Matthew and Jason have always ensured that transparency and honesty are two of the company's core values, while also providing customers with the best solutions and value for money.

Jason says: “Not only do we ensure that we know exactly what our customers need, but we sit down with them and talk them through what needs to be done, using jargon-free language. We’re also very flexible and work around our customer’s schedules, while focusing on fast response times and providing a friendly and affordable service – we pride ourselves on that.”

Tired of your Wi-Fi playing up and spending hours trying to contact your provider? JM Restart is partnered with some leading companies, including TalkTalk and Gamma, to provide competitive rates for their packages. Matthew adds: “We’ll be able to match any quote provided by the companies we’re partnered with, but we give the added benefit that if our customers are faced with any problems, they can call us and get it resolved straight away.

“We’re also able to match customers with the correct package for them, so they receive the fastest internet speeds for what they need, rather than being sold something much bigger than they require.”

To find out more visit or call 01473 527430.

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