How a sustainable casket can preserve the memory of your loved ones

Handmade, wooden casket at Emerald Joinery, Denham

Emerald Joinery provide high-quality, handcrafted caskets and ancillaries that are suitable for green burials. - Credit: Emerald Joinery

A handcrafted, high-quality coffin can be a huge source of comfort to family and friends, bringing out the best of the individual’s life and reducing the environmental impact.

Emerald Joinery, based in Denham near Eye, manufacture caskets and ancillaries which can be tailored to the needs of customers, creating unique resting places for loved ones.

Jayne Button, at Emerald Joinery, describes some of the benefits of choosing an environmentally friendly option.

1) Ensuring peace of mind

Wooden coffin on grass at Emerald Joinery, Suffolk

All coffins are constructed using sustainably sourced materials such as softwood ply, pinewood and reclaimed wood. - Credit: Emerald Joinery

Mick Peirson, who personally constructs each coffin, previously ran his own joinery business and worked as an undertaker for 16 years.

“We know how important the service we provide to our clients is, and we are keenly aware of our responsibilities in the funeral process,” Jayne says. “Mick’s combined knowledge means that we can provide attentive care for all our clients, helping them through a difficult time.”

Jayne explains how their accreditation from the Funeral Furnishing Manufacturers Association (FFMA) reassures their customers greatly: “Our Woodland Pine casket has been tested by the association and passed every stage ensuring it is certified for use throughout the UK. We can therefore provide the peace of mind to both clients and funeral directors."

2) Sustainably sourced materials

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Sustainable materials are ever-increasing in their desirability for use in coffins, ashes caskets and bespoke coffins. For environmentally-minded individuals and families, requesting a natural burial plot of land or a coffin constructed from reused wood is now much easier.

Emerald Joinery is committed to using only sustainable softwood ply, pinewood and reclaimed wood in their production.

Jayne says: “All of our handcrafted wood products are suitable for use in cremations, burial and green burials. Green burials are an appealing alternative to more traditional, less sustainable plots of land.”

Woodland Pine ashes casket at Emerald Joinery, Denham

As well as coffins, Emerald Joinery can build a number of ashes caskets with various moulding styles and paint finishes. - Credit: Emerald Joinery

3) Freedom of choice

In recent years, particularly during Covid-19, families have experienced difficulty when organising funerals and ordering suitable coffins. During such an emotional time, having the ability to take at least some control of the proceedings can be hugely beneficial.

Jayne comments: “We’ve seen a big increase in the interest that people have in the coffins for loved ones who have passed away. Rather than leaving it to funeral directors and just being handed a catalogue, they would rather discover all of the options available to them.”

Emerald Joinery is more than happy to liaise directly with the family and friends of loved ones, as well as funeral directors.

To find out more, visit or call 01379 671294.

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