Pet care: The long-term benefits of raw feeding and natural treatments 

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Natural, raw feeding is exactly what your pet needs to give them an extra health boost. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Is your pet overweight, underweight or perhaps just needs an extra energy boost?

If this is the case, it might be down to what you’re feeding them. Switching to a natural, healthier diet could be the key to a longer and better quality of life for your animals. Sian Hammond, general manager at pet food company Primal Raw in East Anglia, shares five ways a raw diet can benefit your pet long-term.

1. Better digestion for your pets

Many pet owners feed their animals dehydrated biscuits, as this seems the most convenient way to provide a balanced diet, and many kibble products (dry food) come recommended by professionals. However, the processing of kibble removes all the natural nutrition, which then has to be artificially re-added.

A species-appropriate diet of fresh, unprocessed food is much more easily digested, leading to healthier organs, a glossier coat and cleaner teeth, along with numerous other benefits that result in an all-round fitter pet. Primal Raw provides food for all your raw-fed pets, including dogs, cats, ferrets, birds of prey and snakes.

Primal Raw in Ipswich offer natural food and supplements to improve your pet’s health and wellbeing

Primal Raw offer natural food and supplements to improve your pet’s health and wellbeing - Credit: Primal Raw

2. It can help combat weight problems 

Weight problems are a common issue among pet owners, particularly with dogs and cats - we are all tempted to treat our pets a little too well at times! Whether an animal is battling obesity, or seems to struggle eating, a natural, fresh diet can help in many ways.

Feeding your pet a percentage of its ideal bodyweight is a simple way to help them reach their goal in a healthy way. An adult dog, for example, needs to consume approximately two to three per cent of its ideal bodyweight daily, depending on its age and activity level. The Primal Raw team are highly experienced in advising concerned owners whose pets are either over or underweight.

The team at Primal Raw in Ispwich are highly experienced in advising natural remedies to resolve health issues for your pet.

The team at Primal Raw are highly experienced in advising and prescribing natural remedies to resolve minor health issues for your animal - Credit: Primal Raw

3. Less trips to the vet  

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Some minor health issues are easily treated with natural remedies. At Primal Raw, you can find great products to combat fleas and worms, aid your pet’s digestive difficulties, soothe itchy skin, ease anxiety and improve oral health. Using these natural products means your pet avoids harmful chemicals and the side effects that such chemicals can have on their long-term health.

We advise pet owners to strip it back and keep it natural which, on many occasions, can have an almost immediate, positive effect.

There are nine different brands of food available to provide pets with a varied diet at Primal Raw pet company in Ipswich

Primal Raw offer nine brands of food to provide pets with a varied diet. - Credit: Primal Raw

4. Extra health boost with superfoods 

Adding superfoods to your pet’s diet can give an extra nutritional boost to further promote their health and wellbeing. Tripe, for example, is very gentle on the digestive system, and great for poorly or elderly dogs. Bone broth is another wholesome addition that has numerous nutritional benefits as well as help to heal a damaged digestive tract.    

5. A variety of choice  

At Primal Raw, we have a multitude of brands and products available, and well-trained staff who are eager to help you choose the ideal products for your pet. We advise feeding a wide range of meats to your pet, rather than sticking to the same product long-term to ensure you fulfil all of your animal’s nutritional requirements.

Subscription services may be convenient, but they lead to pets eating the same food day after day. We have nine different DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) regulated brands available: Bulmers, The Dogs Butcher, Furry Feasts, Just Natural, Landywoods, Kiezebrink, Paleo Ridge, Benyfit Natural and They Love It. So, you can be sure you’re feeding them the best quality and variety.

Primal Raw offer courier delivery nationally, home delivery by freezer van throughout East Anglia, or alternatively, pop into the store in Ipswich and choose from the massive range available.

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