How you can save the environment and money on your energy bills with LPG 

Help save the environment and reduce your carbon footprint in your East Anglian home by upgrading your boiler to LPG.

Help save the environment and reduce your carbon footprint by upgrading your boiler to LPG. - Credit: Flogas

Are your energy bills getting too expensive? Luckily, there’s a way to save some money while also helping the environment. 

In light of the G7 summit, more of us are looking for cleaner, renewable ways to run our homes. Mark Whittaker from Flogas, a leading liquid petroleum gas supplier, tells us what LPG is and how it could reduce your carbon footprint, whilst saving you money, hassle and space in your home.

Q: How does LPG help to preserve our environment? 

LPG emits 20 per cent less CO2 emissions than oil and 30-40 per cent less than solid fuels.

LPG is also a clean-burning fuel, emitting zero NOx (Nitrous Oxide) or Sox (Sulphur Oxides) which form greenhouse gases, and almost no particulate matter such as soot.

Liquid petroleum gas boilers could reduce the energy bills of East Anglian homes.

The team at Flogas offer support and advice throughout, ensuring your energy bills are suited to you and your needs. - Credit: Flogas

Q: Is LPG reliable for my home? 

Absolutely. LPG allows any home to enjoy the benefits of gas without being connected to the main gas grid. You will be able to enjoy the luxuries of instant heat and hot water, and adjustable real flames for cooking, without fear of dirty oil spills, inconvenient power outages, fuel theft or having to clean your stove. 

Boilers are notorious for taking up huge amounts of cupboard space, but with LPG, they can be installed in the loft and bulk tanks can be fitted underground, leaving you with extra, valuable storage space for your home.

Liquid petroleum gas tanks can be stored underground to save you space in your home.

LPG tanks can be stored discreetly underground, saving you valuable storage space within the home. - Credit: Flogas

Q: Is having an LPG boiler cheaper? 

Upgrading to LPG is less expensive than buying a new oil boiler and, in the case of older models, you could save even more money by avoiding costly repairs as the parts become more difficult to source. As well as being cheaper to buy, LPG boilers also use less energy due to their efficiency, helping to lower energy bills. 

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Q: Is it easy to replace or upgrade my boiler to LPG? 

It’s such a quick and easy switch. Flogas’ consumer energy team are there to make your transition to cleaner, safer and cheaper energy a smooth one. The team will offer advice on the best energy solution, removing existing boilers, oil tanks and left-over fuel, whilst managing the installation of your new LPG boiler.

Upgrading to or replacing your boiler with an LPG gas could reduce your energy bills significantly.

Upgrading to or replacing your boiler with LPG could reduce your energy bills significantly. - Credit: Flogas

Q: If I upgrade my boiler to LPG, what does this mean for the future? 

Both Flogas and the UK’s LPG trade association, Liquid Gas UK, are committed to sustainability, and the Flogas 2040 Vision demonstrates how LPG and BioLPG can contribute to the ‘Net Zero’ commitment. As BioLPG is chemically identical to LPG, it works as a 100 per cent renewable ‘drop in’ fuel, meaning no additional work will be required for the customer to use BioLPG when it becomes more widely available to homes. So, if you decide to get a new LPG boiler today, you will continue to use it for many years to come.

For more information on how you can save money and upgrade or replace your boiler to LPG, visit or call our expert team today on 0800 023 23 32.

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