5 home maintenance jobs to do this autumn

Man wearing gloves and cleaning the gutter from autumn leaves

Autumn is an ideal time to complete some maintenance work - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Rebecca Janman from Iceni Surveyors takes a look at the gardening and home maintenance jobs you should do this autumn.

Rebecca Janman, director of Iceni Surveyors, standing holding a clipboard and smiling at the camera

Rebecca Janman, director of Iceni Surveyors - Credit: Iceni Surveyors

Check your roof
Have a good look at your roof from the outside. If you have any broken or slipped tiles or splits in flat roofs these will need to be repaired before winter sets in. Otherwise a simple, fast and cheap repair can turn into an expensive and extensive problem if left.

Use a pair of binoculars or your zoom lens on your camera or mobile phone to check the flashing to any penetrations or chimneys. 

Install a cowl to your chimney pot if you don't have one. Not only will this prevent birds nesting and sometimes falling down the flue, but it will also reduce the amount of rain (and snow) that may cause damp spots inside.

Clearing autumn gutter blocked with leaves by hand

Hidden leaves and twigs can clog up your guttering, causing problems with the downflow - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Inspect your guttering
Check your guttering and hidden valleys for leaves and twigs which can trap water and cause overflow damage. If you do not already have leaf guards then now would be a good time to fit them. 

Look inside your loft
Spend some time outside watching for wasps before you do, and enter the roof space carefully, ensuring you can get out quickly if needed. If you find a live nest, call in the experts.

Close up of three wasps building their nest in the wooden rafter of a house

If you find a live wasp's nest in your loft, call in the experts - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

You may also be able to see and smell evidence of rats and mice and as woodworm beetles are coming to the end of their flight season, you may even spot a few small flying insects in the roof void. Again, this is one for the experts.

While in the loft, take a look at the felt and look for any wet patches or staining on the timbers. 

A man wearing safety goggles insulates the roof of his house with a drill

With the still-warm weather it is a good time to check the insulation in your loft, including the water tank if you have one - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Check the insulation
If you still have a water tank, check it to ensure the pipes are properly insulated. It's much easier and cheaper to add insulation now than wait for it to freeze, as it might burst a pipe.

Service your boiler
Now is a good time to ensure your heating works - don't wait until it gets cold!

If you would like some help or advice on surveys, Rebecca would be happy to assist. Visit www.icenisurveyors.co.uk for more information.

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