Suffolk MPs are calling for more help for people to meet their energy bills this autumn after regulator Ofgem announced an 80% hike in the price cap from October 1.

The decision means the typical bill will rise to £3,549 this year.

Matt Hancock, who represents the West Suffolk constituency, said the Government’s plan to give every household £400 towards their energy bills was not sufficient and more was needed.

He said: "The energy price rises are a huge problem as a direct result of Vladimir Putin's illegal war in Ukraine.

“The government is already giving every household £400 towards their energy bills this autumn, but it's clear they should do more.

“I'll be pushing for more support for those who are struggling to make ends meet when Parliament returns shortly."

Ipswich MP Tom Hunt said further help should be provided in the short term, but there was no "magic wand" to make the challenges go away and even with additional support the autumn and winter months would be difficult for many.

He said: "Since the previous support package was outlined by the Government circumstances have clearly changed and the new Prime Minister will clearly need to go further and provide more direct support to those who need help the most.

"The Treasury have been working on a range of options to provide further support for people with rising energy bills and the moment the new Prime Minister is in place they will be able to take action.”

Suffolk Coastal MP Therese Coffey said: “I completely understand the impact inflationary pressures and the rising energy price cap will have on Suffolk residents.

“The government is already paying out a £15bn package of targeted support, including £650 payments to more than eight million low-income households.

“As Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, I’ve been involved in making that happen. There will also be more to come.

“Liz Truss has promised to provide immediate support to get the British people through the energy price rises if she becomes Prime Minister next month – and this is one of the many reasons I’m backing her.”

She urged people to contact suppliers if they had concerns about being able to pay and to seek help from Suffolk County Council through the Household Support Fund.