Calls have been made to unveil a "lasting memorial" to recognise a former MP, who died earlier this month.

The leader of East Suffolk Council's Labour group, Peter Byatt, has put forward proposals for an un-named road that will carry traffic across the Gull Wing bridge in Lowestoft to be named after former Waveney MP Bob Blizzard.

Mr Blizzard, who served as Waveney MP from 1997 until 2010, died aged 71 on May 10.

With the former Labour MP having fought tirelessly for a third crossing to be built over Lake Lothing, Cllr Byatt has led calls for a memorial to honour Mr Blizzard's "outstanding commitment to Waveney".

Speaking at the annual meeting of the full council at Riverside in Lowestoft last Wednesday, May 25, Cllr Byatt said: "This is an opportunity for this council, as a successor to Waveney District Council, to recognise Bob's commitment to Lowestoft and to the Waveney area as a former councillor, a former leader of the district council and ultimately as a very popular and caring MP.

"Of course Bob will always be remembered for his unstinting efforts to secure a third crossing over Lake Lothing.

"It is important to recognise Bob's outstanding commitment to Waveney that perhaps we need a lasting memorial to him.

"With that in mind I would like to point out that approximately 100 yards to my east, there is a so far un-named road, which will link across the Gull Wing bridge.

"I appreciate the naming of this road is not within the gift of this council, but I truly believe that it will be a great recognition afforded to Bob for all his 12 years as MP, particularly when he spent so much time laying the groundwork for the bridge which ultimately is nearly ready."

After attending Mr Blizzard's funeral last Friday, Mr Byatt added: "It was a deeply moving celebration of his life, a recognition of a man who gave so much to Lowestoft and the Waveney area."

Of the proposals, Mr Byatt said: "I suggested that we needed a lasting and fitting tribute to the great man.

"To that end, I proposed that the as yet un-named road that will carry traffic across the Gull Wing Bridge be named after him – maybe Blizzard Boulevard."

Mr Byatt has written to Waveney MP Peter Aldous, as the chairman of the Gull Wing Stakeholder Group, "with that suggestion".

He added: "I now ask that members of the public join me in seeking this recognition for Bob by contacting me at or writing to me c/o East Suffolk Council offices at Riverside, so that I can represent this sentiment at the Gull Wing Stakeholder Group, on which I sit."