Anti-social driving and excessive noise from screeching tyres, revving engines and noisy exhausts is continuing to cause community concerns on and around a town retail park.

Rogue drivers been meeting on the Gateway Retail Park in south Lowestoft and around the Pakefield and Kessingland areas, and are continuing to be targeted after further reports of anti-social behaviour.

Police launched a crackdown on the anti-social use of vehicles as patrols were stepped up in June, July and August last year.

Last November, frustrated locals said the anti-social motorists had continued to congregate in September and October, with the noise described as "horrendous most nights".

Now, with noise and anti-social behaviour having been reported once more, additional police patrols have been carried out.

Officers from the Norfolk & Suffolk Roads and Armed Policing Team assisted Lowestoft Police over the weekend, with "a number of Traffic Offence Reports (TORs) and Section 59 warnings" issued.

It comes as local pressure group Residents Against Noise and Speed (RANS) expressed further anger over speeding drivers on a busy bypass and anti-social behaviour and at the retail park.

RANS say that the Kessingland Bypass - which runs between the roundabout to the south of Jaydene Caravan Park to the roundabout up at Morrisons - is being used as a "racetrack once again".

With the group - consisting of residents who live in Kessingland, Gisleham, Rushmere and Carlton Colville - formed in September last year to highlight concerns about the excessive speeding and noise within their local communities, they reported revving engines and noisy exhausts banging on the retail park, and speeding on the Kessingland bypass to police two Sunday evening's ago.

However, they were left frustrated with the lack of response - claiming that officers could not respond "due to stretched resources".

Adam Robertson, RANS member, said: "We are reporting incidents to the police as asked to do so, by the Safer Neighbourhood Team.

"But they could not deal with it, due to having stretched resources."

One of the Beach Farm caravan park residents has been left "sleep deprived" due to the noise associated with the anti-social behaviour.

Action plan

However, a Suffolk Constabulary spokesman said police "remain fully cognisant of the issues" regarding anti-social driving at the retail park and surrounding areas.

"We fully appreciate and understand the distress such noise and activity has," the spokesman said.

"We will always endeavour to respond effectively, prioritising crime in progress or danger to people.

"We are very grateful for the valuable role that the public play in being vigilant and reporting any signs of suspicious behaviour.

“We keep our action plan to tackle the issue under regular review.

"This includes regular patrols and we call on our local Kestrel Team to give us some support when needed."