The Planning Inspectorate's report containing its recommendation on the future of the Sizewell C power station project is due to be handed to the Government today.

Plans for Sizewell C have spent nearly two years with the inspectorate (PINS), undergoing a thorough examination.

Developers who are hoping to build a new £20billion nuclear power plant on the Suffolk coast have already been waiting an extra six weeks for a final decision on the project.

PINS had to ask for an extension to the deadline, saying 22 changes made to the proposals by EDF during that time created extra work and inspectors were not able to meet the January 14 deadline.

The scheme includes the twin reactor power station, a two-village bypass, link road, rail line upgrades and a temporary desalination plant.

In addition to the changes during the process, and the size and scale of the project, the examining authority has also had some unexpected health issues that have caused a delay to report writing, creating "considerable pressure" for the small expert team.

The report won't be made public for at least three months and is expected to be published around late May.

Even if Sizewell C is granted planning consent, it will still need a site licence and permits from the Environment Agency, both expected in the summer or autumn, and to get to a Final Investment Decision.

Paul Collins, chair of Stop Sizewell C, said: "We hope the Planning Inspectorate's recommendation on Sizewell C's planning consent is a resounding 'no'.

"It's the wrong project in the wrong place and deserves to fail because of the multitude of outstanding issues and the very serious impacts on the area.

"Astonishingly, EDF is only now applying to East Suffolk Council for permission to conduct soil mixing and ground anchor trials. This work is absolutely critical to determining if the site can be prevented from collapsing during construction.

"Not only is it bizarre that they've not yet been done, the results won't be known for at least six months. How could the Secretary of State even consider approving Sizewell C's planning application without this information?"

EDF has been contacted for a comment.