Local MPs are heading back to Westminster on Monday knowing that Prime Minister Boris Johnson could be out of a job by the end of the week.

The whole British political world is awaiting the result of the Sue Gray inquiry into "partygate" which could come at the end of the week - and MPs accept this could decide Mr Johnson's future

Formally, most backbenchers are agreed they will wait for the report before deciding whether Mr Johnson should remain in power with Suffolk MPs Dr Dan Poulter and Peter Aldous saying that if she doubts his account of not knowing about the parties or if there is police action then his position will be untenable.

Government ministers from the county have remained silent on the PM's future.

East Anglian Daily Times: Waveney MP Peter Aldous favours a two-council option in Suffolk. Picture: PETER ALDOUSWaveney MP Peter Aldous favours a two-council option in Suffolk. Picture: PETER ALDOUS (Image: Archant)

Waveney MP Mr Aldous said: "I have received about 150 e-mails over the weekend on this subject. I have to say the overwhelming majority are not sympathetic to the Prime Minister.

"I still feel we should wait to see the report - and we have heard it should come out at the end of next week. I hope that's right because I don't think people can wait much longer to reach a decision on this."

Central Suffolk and North Ipswich MP Dr Poulter had received about 60-70 letters by the end of last week and said: "Some of those letters were from regular correspondents and those opposed to the government politically - but most have been from people who I don't normally hear from and are clearly genuinely upset about what is happening."

He feels that the final decision should be made after the publication of the report - but it should not be made by the Prime Minister.

He said: “We are in the extremely unusual situation where the Prime Minister is both under investigation and the arbitrator of that same investigation.

"The Prime Minister would be poorly served in judging the final report himself as it is very important for him and the high office he holds that the outcome of this process has credibility and cannot be brought into question.

"It would be better for Sue Gray to hand the completed investigation across to either Lord Geidt or to a panel of senior constitutional judges to allow them to pass judgement and make appropriate recommendations.”

Grassroot Tories have been expressing their frustration and anger - and most seem to be agreed that voters have run out of patience with Mr Johnson and that he should step down now.

One senior Conservative from Ipswich, who was a strong supporter during his leadership campaign in 2019, said they felt personally deeply let down: "I just can't believe a thing he says now.

"People are fed up. Many of us obeyed all the rules during lockdown. We didn't see our friends for weeks and yet there was party after party at Number 10 - I can't believe that he didn't know about any of them.

"I do think he's done well in some things, especially getting out the vaccines, but you can't have someone you don't trust running the country. I personally feel very let down because I felt he was the right man for the job and then he behaves like this."

Suffolk county councillor Elaine Bryce said some of the Conservative supporters she had met felt very let down and thought that the Prime Minister should stand down - but others felt the country should wait for the report to be published before any decisions were made.

She added: "There does seem to be sadness that this has all blown up like this because a lot of party members feel he has been doing a good job through the pandemic."

What is exercising the mind of party members is the effect the revelations will have on future election campaigns.

The only local elections in Suffolk this May are in Ipswich - so rural seats are not at risk. But Conservatives are aware that their positions on councils in London, large cities, and on Scottish and Welsh councils could be at serious risk.

And there are some Conservatives who are still prepared to give Mr Johnson the benefit of the doubt. Ipswich and Suffolk county councillor Nadia Cenci said: "If he is found guilty of a criminal offence, then he should resign. But we have to wait until the report is published and see what happens then.

"Nothing has been proved - and I believe that people are innocent until they are proved guilty so of course he should carry on."