A "concerned resident of Planet Earth" blocked a main Bury St Edmunds road today in protest over COP26 pledges.

Jen Tooke-Marchant, from Elmswell, sat with a placard on the road at Angel Hill at 11am today, stopping traffic for up to 20 minutes.

The placard read 'COP26 pledges = emissions increase' on one side and words from Ina-Marie from Namibia on the other: "COP26. This is a matter of survival for my people."

East Anglian Daily Times: Jen Tooke-Marchant said she did receive some verbal abuseJen Tooke-Marchant said she did receive some verbal abuse (Image: Julia Wakelam)

Mrs Tooke-Marchant said she wanted to highlight the views of people in the Global South, which includes Latin America and Africa.

She said: "They have done the least to contribute to the climate crisis and are worst affected by it and they have not been given an adequate voice."

She said while some people were supportive of her action, she did receive verbal abuse from a couple of people.

She said she didn't want to block the road for an excessive amount of time, but wanted drivers to "contemplate the fact COP26 is completely failing".

She added: "COP26 is failing to reduce emissions and letting down those living in the Global South, who are already suffering from the effects."