Hooligan boy racers' cars should be "confiscated and crushed" amid a rise in rowdy night-time behaviour, a councillor has said.

Residents in Pinewood and Copdock have long battled sleepless nights from joyriders firing up their engines at night.

East Anglian Daily Times: The boy racers are known to frequent the Tesco car park at CopdockThe boy racers are known to frequent the Tesco car park at Copdock

Many believed they had finally seen the back of the troublemakers this year after weeks of peace and quiet.

But the sound of screeching tyres and loud exhausts have revved up again in places such as the Copdock Tesco car park.

Suffolk county councillor Christopher Hudson is now calling for "urgent action".

"It was quelled for a little while but it has come back again," he said after writing to to Suffolk police and crime commissioner Tim Passmore about the issue.

"I think there should be zero tolerance to this behaviour and I have written to Tim Passmore again about this and I really want him to start confiscating cars.

East Anglian Daily Times: Councillor Christopher HudsonCouncillor Christopher Hudson (Image: Simon Lee Photography)

"I am asking the police to show zero tolerance to these hooligans and crush their cars to make an example of these boys.

"It is a chronic problem. It sometimes calms down when the police turn up but then they creep back in, which is why I am calling for zero tolerance and crushing their cars."

Mr Hudson wants to see a bigger police presence in the area to help deter the drivers from the area.

"A police presence in marked or unmarked cars is a very good deterrent.

East Anglian Daily Times: Pinewood residents are frequently disturbed at nights by loud car noisesPinewood residents are frequently disturbed at nights by loud car noises (Image: JAKE FOXFORD)

"Obviously they push their luck and they are on my patch at the moment, but they will then try somewhere else - so it is an endemic problem for the whole of the county in the urban areas.

"I know they have this problem in Bury and other places but it is particularly a nuisance in Ipswich.

"I have had several complaints from residents and it is almost a monthly report to the parish council, so I would say it is a chronic problem."

An appeal was launched in 2019 after residents feared someone could get killed as a result of the reckless driving.

Suffolk police and crime commissioner, Tim Passmore, said: "I was very concerned to hear from the Pinewood County Councillor Christopher Hudson that the menace of the boy racers at Copdock has returned in spite of the actions already taken by our police force.

"Disturbing the neighbourhood in this way is completely unacceptable and such anti-social behaviour must not be tolerated.

"I have contacted the Assistant Chief Constable and further enforcement against the culprits will be taken to prevent matters getting out of hand."