A manhole cover has been removed from a park in Leiston overnight and left covered in branches leaving it open for potential injury.

The manhole near the skate park at Victory Road Recreation Ground was found open at 7am this morning, with branches arranged over the top to cover the gaping hole.

Concerned citizen and council worker Greg Nichols was notified by his brother-in-law and quickly made his way to the scene to make it safe.

He said: "The hole that the cover was over is for a deep soakaway and if someone had fallen down there they would of been seriously hurt or worse. Whoever had removed it is very irresponsible.

"Let’s hope that the people or person responsible now realise the problem it may of caused and leave well alone."

Mr Nichols put on a new cover and frame with four screws and a concrete infill, in the hope it will deter any repeat vandals.

Leiston Town Council was made aware of the vandalism.