The first offers of laptops for schoolchildren as part of the IT Kit for Kids campaign have started to come through after its launch this week.

We have teamed up with the Suffolk County Council and the Creative Computing Club to try to give people the chance to donate old computers which could give youngsters a real chance of a leg up in the new world of home learning.

East Anglian Daily Times: IT Kit For Kids is aiming to help those children who don't have access to the likes of a laptop at homeIT Kit For Kids is aiming to help those children who don't have access to the likes of a laptop at home (Image: Archant)

While most families do have access to at least one computer at home, for many learning can be a struggle - especially if there are several siblings of different ages all trying to do classes at the same time.

Within the first few hours of the launch seven computers had been collected by the Creative Computing Club to prepare them for a new life with a student who really needs to get online.

Laptops have to be wi-fi compatible and need to be able to work with the Windows 10 operating system.

The Creative Computing Club will ensure they are all wiped and clean and rebuilt so any personal data on them from their previous owner is deleted before they are passed on to a new owner.

A spokeswoman for the Suffolk County Council said: "Our understanding from schools that we have spoken to is that the need from families with no access at all to IT has been met.

"However, there will still be many circumstances of brother and sisters and parents sharing access. The wider challenge, extending beyond Covid-19 is the need to help ensure that more disadvantaged children and young people continue to have access to IT and the motivation, skills and confidence to use it to help them take advantage of the opportunities, pursue their talent and skills and be able to get on in life.

"This also extends to other groups of people such as adult learners and those seeking to get work and pursue training - all things that have a dependency on IT these days."

If you have any spare wi-fi-capable laptops running Windows 10 or other equipment that you would like to donate, please fill out the form on the Creative Computing Club's website.

If residents or business do not have spare equipment but want to make a financial contribution to help children access digital resources they can visit the JustGiving page.