People living near the Ipswich waterfront have reported hearing a strange humming noise recently — and it's not the first time this mysterious issue has arisen.

Residents have said the hum has been going on for around two weeks and both Anglian Water and ABP Port of Ipswich have been contacted about it.

In a separate incident in 2019, Anglian Water apologised to residents in Nacton, Wherstead, Stoke Park, Chantry and Pinewood for a humming noise which had been caused for three years by equipment at the Cliff Quay Water Recycling Centre.

Councillor for the area Liz Harsant said humming noises had been a recurring issue over the years and at times, have made sleeping very difficult.

She said it can be very disturbing for people living there and hopes the source is found soon.

Ipswich Borough Council has helped investigate the issue before.