Ipswich artist Lois Cordelia has created some incredible pumpkin carvings in her latest YouTube tutorial.

Lois, well-known for her paper art and role in last year’s Elmer’s Big Parade Suffolk, created the 13-minute tutorial in homage of her parents 39th wedding anniversary – after they had received a pumpkin as a wedding gift from her grandparents.

In the video, Lois carves pumpkins and squashes of all shapes and sizes bought from Hank’s Deli and Shop – and creates a stunning rising phoenix among other mythical characters using a scalpel and lino cutter.

Amazingly, she had only ever tried pumpkin carving once before.

Lois said she has taken to YouTube as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, which has stopped her from performing her usual live art demonstrations.

She said: “The world we’re living in is all very dark – not least because the nights have been drawing in.

“People have been feeling isolated and tired because of the pandemic, so ultimately I thought the pumpkin carvings will help brighten people’s lives.

“I used to do a lot of live art in public – almost every weekend – but since March I haven’t been able to.

“It is all about connecting people through art and encouraging them to have fun with the things they have at home.”

Lois’ channel, which also include her Wild in Art videos, can be accessed here.