Founded by Sylvie Warry, Taste Sans Allergens can create delicious treats for those who follow free-from diets.

East Anglian Daily Times: Sylvie's taste very berry white chocolate cheesecake Picture: Sylvie WarrySylvie's taste very berry white chocolate cheesecake Picture: Sylvie Warry (Image: Archant)

From millionaire shortbread to raspberry bakewell bars, Sylvie Warry of Taste San Allergens bakes tasty, homemade cakes, especially for people with allergens or who follow free-from diets.

Sylvie launched Taste San Allergens, previously known as NOGH: No One Goes Hungry, as she was passionate about making delicious cakes for everyone to enjoy, no matter their dietary needs. Each cake is made using alternative products, such as coconut oil instead of butter, or Sylvie’s very own homemade butter which is palm oil free. Agave syrup, xylitol and other natural sweeteners are used in the place of sugar and either gluten-free flour or ground almonds are used as a replacement for flour – all helping to make Sylvie’s cakes extra nutritious.

Sylvie found her passion for baking a few years back whilst working in a café. Sylvie says: “The lady who owned the café owned two businesses and she was struggling to manage both. I helped her out by making cakes, which soon lead me to specialise in free-from baking. The thing I love the most about free-from baking is everyone can enjoy what I cook; whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, watching your sugar intake or just fancy a sweet treat!” All of Sylvie’s cakes are homemade in her kitchen which has a 5-star food hygiene rating.

East Anglian Daily Times: A mix of energy balls from Taste San Allergens Picture: Sylvie WarryA mix of energy balls from Taste San Allergens Picture: Sylvie Warry (Image: Archant)

For special occasions, parties or buffets, Taste San Allergens offers selection boxes, priced at £10 for 7 cakes, £15 for 10 cakes or £1.50 each. Choose what you would like in your box from Sylvie’s long list of cakes, which include peanut butter bars, lemon fancies, beetroot and avocado chocolate cake and cocobanana balls, to name a few.

At the end of the year, Sylvie is planning to release her own cookbook to share her wonderful recipes with others. Sylvie says: “I’m so excited about its release! I’m currently finalising the last few recipes and working on raising more pledges, but I’ll be able to share the cookbook with everyone in the next few months.”

For more information visit, or to support Sylvie’s crowdfunding campaign for her recipe book visit For other enquieries, please call: 07578651054.