A friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man has been spotted throughout Suffolk delivering groceries to people forced to stay inside during the coronavirus lockdown.

Railway Farm Shop, in Benhall near Saxmundham, has been delivering vegetable packages to customers in the area with help from kind-hearted volunteers.

And Marvel’s web-slinging superhero is one of many to have joined the cause - helping to put a smile on peoples’ faces amid the virus outbreak.

‘Spider-Man’ has been unmasked as Paul Harris, who offered his assistance to the farm store as his marketing company was forced to close several weeks ago.

With the help of his housemate Amy Rumsey, Mr Harris has been taking food packages from the store to elderly and vulnerable peoples’ homes, all while maintaining correct social distancing measures.

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He said: “I thought it would be a fun idea. It might even encourage children to start eating healthier.

“I’m trying to lift the spirits of people in the community. “The reaction so far has been incredible - everyone is laughing about it.

“The farm have even had requests from customers for Spider-Man to make their deliveries.”

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Mr Harris also confirmed his friends had also ordered Batgirl and Iron Man costumes to wear while delivering, meaning a whole team of superheroes will be soon be on a mission to feed Suffolk’s vulnerable population.

Martin Westhorp, who co-owns Railway Farm Shop with Kerry Kirkham, said he put an appeal out on social media appealing for help taking vegetable boxes to customers in March - and was delighted when the web-head answered the call.

He also said he had received overwhelmingly positive feedback from Mr Harris’ actions, including from the parent of a boy who was stuck inside on his birthday,

Mr Westhorp added: “We’ve got some really loyal customers. We’re trying to get to as many vulnerable and elderly people as possible, but we realised we couldn’t do it on our own.

“The community here are lovely and we want to help them. But if we can make people laugh and smile that is amazing too.”

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