A Suffolk mother-of three who suffered a serious brain injury in a car crash is urging motorists and cyclists to stay safe on the roads this winter.

East Anglian Daily Times: Anna Leggett, from Waldringfield, with children Danny, Keziah and Chloe . Picture: CFGAnna Leggett, from Waldringfield, with children Danny, Keziah and Chloe . Picture: CFG (Image: Archant)

Anna Leggett, 48, from Waldringfield, was left with life changing injuries after a 4x4 vehicle drove into the back of her car on the A137 in November 2016.

Her injuries at first appeared minor, however Mrs Leggett later experienced serious ongoing symptoms due to her injuries including memory loss, fatigue, chronic pain and issues with organisation and difficulty in social situations.

Mrs Leggett is now back educating her children at home following three long years of treatment, including sessions with neuropsychologist, physiotherapists and pain specialists as well as help from the Ipswich branch of brain injury charity Headway.

To mark Road Safety Week, which starts on Monday, Mrs Leggett is making an impassioned plea for road users to take care this winter.

She said: "With the mornings and evenings drawing in and the wintry conditions, I think it's important people give the road their full attention when they're behind the wheel.

"Even at slow speeds, accidents can cause significant injuries.

"My life following this accident has been completely changed.

"If the driver of the vehicle had been paying greater attention to what they were doing, this could easily have been avoided.

"I want to do anything I can to raise awareness of driving more safely, and it encourages me to know that something helpful and good can come out of my experience.

"I also urge cyclists to wear a helmet when they are on the roads.

"Since sustaining a brain injury and knowing the impact that even a relatively mild one can have on all aspects of life, whenever I see a cyclist without a helmet I feel dismayed.

"So please, show you brain some love and wear a cycling helmet."

Michelle Cresswell, from serious injury specialists CFG Law, who represents Mrs Leggett, said: "We see the impact of incidents on the road all the time, leaving people seriously injured and having a major impact on the lives of all of those affected by injury.

"All road users need to have safety at the front of their minds at all times when they are out driving, walking or cycling."