Suffolk Libraries has added Kanopy to its eLibrary service

Suffolk Libraries has expanded its eLibrary service with a new digitial streaming service called Kanopy.

The video streaming platform offers a range of independent and world cinema films and documentaries, as well as some video-based education and learning courses.

Anyone with a Suffolk Libraries card can access Kanopy for free and access up to 10 videos a month.

For film buffs, it features films like 70s style noir thriller Night Moves with Jesse Eisenberg and the critically acclaimed psychological drama James White.

Classic films include Night of the Living Dead and The Little Shop of Horrors.

Kanopy also offers over 3,000 feature-length in-depth documentaries on a wide variety of subjects including politics, war, history, social issues and identity. Documentaries available include Super-Size Me and Blackfish.

It also offers nearly a thousand instructional films and lessons to improve your skills in cooking, hair and beauty, massage, health and safety, library management and hundreds of others.

For parents, there is the Kanopy Kids feature, which offers unlimited watches for children with appropriate content and parental controls for suitable watching.

Paul Howarth, head of content and product development at Suffolk Libraries, said: "Suffolk Libraries are incredibly excited to add this new product to our suite of digital services.

"The content available on Kanopy, with its mix of independent and world cinema alongside thought-provoking documentaries and courses fits perfectly with the role of libraries as stimulating places where people can discover new cultural experiences and knowledge."

Suffolk Libraries was the third of four library services in the UK to sign up to Kanopy, which is available across all major devices including Apple TV, iPhone and iPad iOS, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV and Tablet, Chromecast and Roku.

Kanopy is currently available to more than 50 million public library patrons and more than 3,000 university libraries across the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.

A new resource for UK public libraries, Kanopy provides members and library partners with a premium video streaming platform through its innovative funding model, which also supports the filmmaking community by returning half of its revenues in royalties.