A Suffolk author has released his second book set on the county’s coast.

East Anglian Daily Times: William Blyghton's latest book Abraham Soar Picture: WILLIAM BLYGHTONWilliam Blyghton's latest book Abraham Soar Picture: WILLIAM BLYGHTON (Image: Archant)

Abraham Soar is the second part of the Suffolk Trilogy series written by Aldeburgh author William Blyghton.

Mr Blyghton only started writing novels in the last few years with his debut novel being released in 2017.

The House by the Marsh was the first in his Suffolk trilogy and the predecessor to his latest offering.

The original title focused on the character of ‘William’ following the loss of his wife and considered the topics of grief, love and loss in older people’s lives.

East Anglian Daily Times: The House by the Marsh was the first book in the Suffolk Trilogy Picture: WILLIAM BLYGHTONThe House by the Marsh was the first book in the Suffolk Trilogy Picture: WILLIAM BLYGHTON (Image: Archant)

Much of Mr Blyghton’s work, which is published under a pseudonym, is inspired by events in his own life.

But he admits finding where to draw the line between his own experiences and those in the book was a tough challenge for Mr Blyghton.

“If I write about my feelings in my name I thought it would be autobiographical so I thought if I imagined someone writing it, then it would be more fictional,” said Mr Blyghton.

Abraham Soar considers a love story between the titular Abraham and a woman named Bryony but it also bares a relationship to Mr Blyghton’s life.

“Abraham Soar is about the relationship between the author and the characters,” said Mr Blyghton.

“The characters don’t always say the thing you expect them to say.”

As well as lending its name to his book series, Suffolk has also played a much larger role in Mr Blyghton’s work.

“My stories are set in this coastal part of Suffolk,” said Mr Blyghton.

“I live in Aldeburgh and I just love this part of Suffolk.

“I love the large skies. I just don’t want to go anywhere else.”

Mr Blyghton remains committed to his work and has projects lined up for when the Suffolk Trilogy ends.

“The writing for me is the most important bit,” said Mr Blyghton.

“I write every day for most of the day. That’s what I do. I cannot not do it.”

One of his projects is a follow up to The House by the Marsh which looks at the story from the perspective of one of the other character’s, Mary.

The final book in the Suffolk Trilogy, Noah: An Old Fool, is due for release later this year.