It’s nearly 40 years since visitors from another world were thought to have been spotted right here in Suffolk

While many have since become fascinated by what happened in Rendlesham in December 1980 few have been affected as much as retired US Air Force Colonel Charles Halt.

Colonel Halt’s name is one that has become synonymous with what’s widely referred to as the UK’s Roswell.

Widely believed to be one of the most credible witnesses to the events at the base.

Now 78, Mr Halt spoke to this newspaper on a visit to Suffolk.

East Anglian Daily Times: Charles Halt's book the Halt Perspective Picture: RACHEL EDGECharles Halt's book the Halt Perspective Picture: RACHEL EDGE (Image: Archant)

“I was called upon to investigate something that was just beyond belief,” says Mr Halt.

It was during a base Christmas party that the now retired Colonel Halt was called out to investigate reports that a UFO had been spotted in Rendlesham Forrest,

“Everybody in the base I think believed it. That something phenomenal did happen but nobody wanted their name associated with it.”

That included Mr Halt. When the now defunct News of the World came calling for his picture Mr Halt took his own record forcing another officer onto the front page.

East Anglian Daily Times: Rendlesham Forest's UFO trail Picture: SIMON PARKERRendlesham Forest's UFO trail Picture: SIMON PARKER (Image: Archant)

Eventually however, Mr Halt was forced to face his own role in the incident and even wrote a book The Halt Perspective to put out his own point of view.

“I wasn’t looking for publicity,” said Mr Halt, “ I just wanted to get the story out, the truth.”

Mr Halt has spent a long time meeting with enthusiastic members of the UFO community.

“There’s some very strange people there,” admits the Colonel, “and I mean strange. I’ve met them all.”

East Anglian Daily Times: Rendlesham Forest. Picture: TOM POTTERRendlesham Forest. Picture: TOM POTTER (Image: Archant)

Mr Halt has often received letters from eager members of the community over the years.

“I’ve seen the second coming of Christ, I am in cohoots with the devil. You name it I have had it.

“People send me correspondence and accuse me of all sorts of things.”

Despite the contents of such letters Mr Halt remains resolute in his recollections of what happened that night and his opinions on what lies out there.

“ I can tell you this, we are not alone,” said Mr Halt, “I’m not telling you there’s somebody walking around here that’s an alien. There’s some type of a presence here.”