A McDonalds branch in Beccles said neigh to a customer who attempted to ride through the drive-thru on horseback.

An unknown man was captured on camera attempting to order a coffee from the McDonalds drive-thru on Norwich Road in Beccles - on a horse.

The customer was refused service by drive-thru staff at the Suffolk branch of the fast food chain.

A bemused eyewitness said: “I heard the horse trot up and then a lady who worked at McDonalds came out to tell the rider he couldn’t go through.

“Eventually he tied up his horse outside and went in to get some coffee.”

They added: “A little while later he came out with a latte and rode off across a field with his drink in his hand.”

Twitter user @JasonDigital shared a photo of the incident with the caption “Must be time for Monopoly...”