A trio of terriers from Martlesham RSPCA desperate to stay together have found their forever home with a family in Dunwich.

East Anglian Daily Times: Sophie Barham pictured with her new dogs. Picture: GREGG BROWNSophie Barham pictured with her new dogs. Picture: GREGG BROWN

Winnie, nine, Mitzy, 10, and Lucy, 11, were lucky enough to be spotted on the RSPCA’s rescue list by Sophie Barham and her parents, Nigel and Amanda.

Ms Barham said the family were delighted to be taking the trio home after falling in love with them at the centre. They had been looking for a new pet together since their last dog sadly passed away at Christmas.

The 29-year-old, who runs Dingle Hill Tearooms and three holiday cottages with her family in Dunwich, said: “We have always had animals. We really wanted a puppy which would be okay with the grandchildren – then these three popped up on the list.”

Originally, the family thought they would have to take just Lucy and Mitzy, as Winnie had already been reserved by somebody else. However, the centre were very keen to rehome the animals together as they clearly have a special bond.

East Anglian Daily Times: The trio of elderly terriers at Martlesham RSPCA have found a new home. Picture are new owners, Sophie and Nigel Barham. Picture: GREGG BROWNThe trio of elderly terriers at Martlesham RSPCA have found a new home. Picture are new owners, Sophie and Nigel Barham. Picture: GREGG BROWN (Image: Archant)

“I think they are going to be hilarious,” Ms Barham said.

“They are settling in very well – they are in the house now investigating.

“You can tell they are a proper little pack. It would have been such a shame if they were separated.

“Already you can see different temperaments – Lucy is the ringleader of them all, while Winnie does her own thing a bit more; she’s very clever.

“They are very much terriers, if that makes sense!”

The family already have two rescue horses from the RSPCA, plus a hamster who lives in Sophie’s office.

Ms Barham added that the dogs wouldn’t even need to jump in the car to take a walk, as they have both a beach and a forest on their doorstep.

She said: “We are lucky to be in the situation we are in. We live in an area where they will get a walk every day and we don’t work 9-5 jobs, so they will never be left by themselves. There is always somebody in the house.”

The girls will certainly be spending a lot of time with their dad, as Mr Barham plans to take the trio along to his plant nursery, and they may even make an appearance at the family’s tea rooms and holiday cottages.

“We’ve been joking that dad’s got three handbag dogs now,” Ms Barham added.

The family were originally looking to get a puppy, but changed their minds about going to a breeder.

Mr Barham added: “You should make [rescue centres] your first point of call.”

Zoë Barrett, one of the staff members at the RSPCA Suffolk East & Ipswich Branch, said: “We are very excited and incredibly happy to have found the three girls a home together. It was touch and go as to whether anyone would come forward, one dog is a big commitment let alone three, so you can imagine our joy when this wonderful family came forward!”