A flotilla of yachts will leave the Suffolk coast bound for northern Italy next month.

Aldeburgh Yacht Club’s 17 Long Loch boats are making the journey to Lake Como for a week-long private regatta.

The trip has been organised by the club’s Loch Long class captain, James Powell, to celebrate the wooden keelboat’s 80th anniversary.

The first Long Lochs were built in 1937 for the anticipated coronation of Edward VIII. In total, about 150 have been built, with racing fleets based at Clyde and Aldeburgh Yacht Club, where a Loch Long tartan has been designed and worn for appropriate occasions.

The club will take along its own bagpiper – a retired detective from Strathclyde police – and its own master of the Scottish ‘reel’ – a type of folk dance.

The boat will be driven on road trailers Aval-Cdv yacht club at Gravedona, where one evening of the regatta will include a Scottish evening of haggis, whisky and reeling in the town square.