A burglar who caused heart operations at Ipswich hospital to be delayed after he wandered around the building for more than an hour looking for things to steal has been jailed for ten months.

The cardiology department had to be deep cleaned after Trevor Parnham, who was covered in his own faeces, roamed around opening cupboards and drawers in the early hours of the morning after receiving treatment in A&E, Ipswich Crown Court heard.

Parnham, 40, of no fixed address, admitted burglary at the hospital.

Sentencing him, Judge David Goodin described his behaviour as “alarming” and said he had caused disruption at the hospital.

“For those waiting for serious operations in the cardiology department that was a very serious matter,” said the judge.

“The work of that department was brought to a halt for hours by you as a result of cleaning and sterilisation procedures that had to be followed”

Mathew Sorel-Cameron, prosecuting, said Parnham had gone to A&E at around 3am on April 24 and had been disruptive in the waiting area.He was treated and discharged at 5.20am, but instead of leaving he had gone to the hospital’s kitchen area.

He was found by a chef and Parnham asked if there were any jobs going. After Parnham left the area the chef discovered he had thrown a number of uniforms on the floor and had been lying on them. These uniforms had to be dry cleaned at a cost of £40.

He also stole a packet of crisps and was eating them when he was discovered in the cardiology department by another employee, the court heard.

When Parnham was detained by security staff at 6.45am he was covered in his own faeces and dressed in hospital patient clothing, said Mr Sorel-Cameron.

He was found in possession of a £150 tablet computer he had stolen from an office.

Obinna Okamgba for Parnham said his client had a personality disorder and did not intend to soil the hospital. He accepted Parnham’s actions had caused serious inconvenience to heart surgery patients.

He said Parnham was homeless at the time of the offence and was remorseful. “It wasn’t premeditated,” said Mr Okamgba.