LIKE Alice’s White Rabbit, this one, too, turned up unexpectedly.

But unlike his fictional Wonderland counterpart, it is thought the tiny creature may not have known where he was going, and could be someone’s lost pet.

The rabbit was found shivering and drenched in a woodland at Felixstowe and now animal lover Nettie Trigg, of the town’s Small Animal Rescue Centre, is hoping she can find his owners.

The little bunny – so small he can sit on Nettie’s hand – has been named Jo-Jo until his real moniker is known.

“This woman came to me and said she had found a rabbit and would I take it in,” said Nettie, 69, who runs the rescue centre in Russell Road, Felixstowe.

“It was just sitting in The Grove in the rain, and it was really soaking wet.

“I sat him on a heat pad to warm him up inwardly because he was very cold.

“But he’s doing well now and is so adorable, a proper white rabbit, and absolutely tiny.

“I feel sure he is someone’s pet and may just have escaped from a garden somewhere in the area – it would be lovely to be able to reunite him with his owners.”

Among the assortment of animals and birds Nettie is currently caring for is another crow, who came to visit two weeks ago and stayed.

“I’ve called him Mr Pips and he looks as if he might have a slight problem with his wing. He thinks I’m mum, but I will give him the chance to fly because I believe wildlife must be free to return to the wild when they are ready,” she said.

If you believe the rabbit could be yours, contact Nettie Trigg on 01394 671735.