STAFF at a Suffolk hotel were stunned to check-in an extraordinary, if unexpected, pair of guests.

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge made a surprise appearance at The Westleton Crown following the wedding of one of Kate’s closest school friends.

The couple, who were celebrating the first anniversary of their own marriage, arrived in the early hours of Sunday morning to the amazement of staff, who were entertaining the wedding guests exclusively for the weekend. General manager Gareth Clarke was on paternity leave at the time but soon learnt of the excitement. He said: “We were made aware that some special guests were arriving but we didn’t know just how special.

“It was a lovely family occasion with a relaxed atmosphere and they were both seemed really happy to be in a comfortable environment with friends.”

The couple arrived at about 1am and enjoyed a drink at the bar before retiring to the Swan room for the night. Mr Clarke, who suspects a rise in demand for the Swan room, continued: “They both ate a cooked breakfast of bacon and eggs before they left in the morning.

“They’re the first royalty we’ve had staying with us. It’s not every day you welcome the second in line to the throne.”