A Reydon resident has made the cut after being selected as one of five finalists to take the chop and donate her 'Rapunzel' hair to help children undergoing treatment for cancer.

East Anglian Daily Times: Susan Manning and Maisy Bray. Photo: Saffron BraySusan Manning and Maisy Bray. Photo: Saffron Bray (Image: Saffron Bray)

Susan Manning, from Reydon near Southwold, made the decision to donate her locks, which have not been cut since 2006, after learning of the work carried out by the Little Princess Trust in providing real hair wigs, free of charge, to boys and girls that have lost their hair through cancer treatment and other illnesses.

And now she is set to travel to London this weekend, supported by her daughter and grandchildren, as one of five finalists at the Little Princess Trust's Rapunzel Event on Saturday, April 29.

She explained: 'In 1991 I had a brain haemorrhage and at the time it was normal for you to have your hair shaved off so I can empathise with people who have lost their hair through cancer or alopecia.

'It's quite a shock to the system and traumatic but having a wig made such a difference to my wellbeing and made me feel like myself again.'

Ms Manning added: 'But unlike those with cancer I at least had the comfort of knowing my hair would grow back.

'I like the fact that the Little Princess Trust helps little boys and girls because children don't necessarily having the coping mechanism to deal with this change.'

During the event, stylists from the Little Princess Trust will plait the five finalists' hair before the trimming takes place and the locks are measured with the overall winner being decided as the finalist who has made the largest donation.

Currently Ms Manning has raised at least £300, she said: 'I will be donating approximately 70cm of my hair to the trust. It's wonderful that so many people have donated and I am so grateful for these contributions.

'Friends and family have been really supportive and I will be joined on the day by my daughter Saffron and my grandchildren – Maisy, Kitty and Zebedee.'

To donate visit: her JustGiving page or for more information about the Little Princess Trust visit: www.littleprincesses.org.uk .