A team from Sizewell C is undertaking a conservation project to mitigate the impacts of the development of the nuclear power station on marsh harriers.

The wetland habitat near Lower Abbey Farm in Leiston is being created as part of the company’s commitment to protecting wildlife and maximising opportunities for improving biodiversity during the project.

The team is creating and maintaining about 4.52ha of high-quality wetland habitat comprising wet reedbed, 20-30% open water and 1km of lowland ditch habitat.

East Anglian Daily Times: The project aims to conserve the marsh harrierThe project aims to conserve the marsh harrier (Image: Archant)

The work is expected to be completed in May 2023 and will further enhance the 47ha of foraging habitat already created by the project on former arable land at Lower Abbey Farm.

This is in addition to the compensation wetland that was created by the project at Aldhurst Farm which is already home to breeding marsh harriers.

The company has written to local residents to inform them of the work and the timeframe for construction.