From Bogies to Creamy Muck Muck, relive the early noughties as Dick and Dom in Da Bungalow is coming to Suffolk.

The 20th anniversary tour of the hit CBBC show is heading to the Ipswich Regent on Monday, March 20 2023.

The show started in August 2002 and was a Saturday morning smash-hit, fronted by presenters Richard 'Dick' McCourt and Dominic 'Dom' Wood.

The live show will bring back the spirit of Da Bungalow and will be an interactive experience with all your favourite games.

This will include two-word tango, musical splatues, the grunty song, fairly hairy fizzogs, the pants dance, what a sweaty flap and, of course, bogies.

The finale will see participants being splattered in their legendary Creamy Muck Muck Game.

Audience members will also have the chance to win the price of their ticket.

Dick and Dom said: "It’s going to blow your mind as we take you on a nostalgia fuelled trip to relive the best show ever to be on your telly!"

Book tickets on the Ipswich Regent website.