Two Suffolk vets are embarking on a trip to the Caribbean to help take care of animals in need.

Megan Harris and Clare Barstow, from Melton Veterinary Practice, are heading to Grenada for two weeks, volunteering at an animal clinic and shelter.

Ms Barstow, 44, is the head vet at the practice, and Ms Harris, 26, is a qualified veterinary nurse.

The pair are flying out on Saturday (October 29) and when they touch down will be helping to care for animals that have been abandoned, neglected or are stray.

Ms Harris said: “I left school and it took me a while to find my feet with what I wanted to do and got into veterinary nursing and it’s a job I would never give up, it’s really rewarding and you can take it all over the world.

“When I qualified last year, I always said I wanted to do some charity work abroad.

"There are so many strays and they don’t get the treatment that they receive here.

“There’s always animals that need to be adopted in the UK but we’re finding more and more that animals abroad are being brought over to the UK so we think it’s best to treat them while they’re there. 

“It’ll be a really good learning experience and working for a charity is really rewarding."

She said the pair are "really looking forward" to heading to the Caribbean, adding: “There’s a bit of apprehension because they do things very differently to how we do things here, so from a medical point of view it’s going to be really different. 

“The strays over there are cross-breeds, we’re not going to see any of the pure breeds we traditionally see here."

They have raised around £400 so far through a donation pot and have received donations of stock from CVS company VetDirect.

People can keep up to date with their journey via the Melton Veterinary Practice Facebook page.