Ipswich Town striker Conor Chaplin has sent one his shirts to a fan who named his newborn baby after the player.

Lloyd Skeemer named his son after Chaplin, simply for liking a tweet.

Mr Skeemer posted a tweet just after his son Arthur and daughter Betsy were born, saying "if you like this tweet, the boy's middle name will be Conor Chaplin".

East Anglian Daily Times: Lloyd and Arthur Skeemer.Lloyd and Arthur Skeemer. (Image: Lloyd Skeemer)

After the attacker liked the tweet, Lloyd stayed true to his word - and Mr Skeemer's son is now called Arthur Conor Chaplin Skeemer.

Lloyd and his partner Amy Green live in Bromley with their children, Evie, Isabella, Albert, Betsy and Arthur.

Following the exchange, the 25-year-old forward responded to Lloyd's tweet - revealing the birth certificate of his son.

Responding on Twitter, Chaplin said: "That is absolutely nuts. I love it.

"Let me send the little man a top to mark the occasion."

And now, Town's joint top-scorer in the league has done just that, sending a signed shirt with a message for his new namesake.

East Anglian Daily Times:

East Anglian Daily Times:

East Anglian Daily Times:

Mr Skeemer said: "I was over the moon to receive the shirt. It has a nice message on the back and it is signed on the front."

It seems that Arthur was also pleased with his special gift, Lloyd added: "He made a couple of baby noises which I’m sure was him saying thank you."

The bond between the fans and the players appears to be as strong as ever in recent times, with Mr Skeemer adding: "I’m sure when the boys are out there and they can hear us singing in full voice it spurs them on.

"The following we have as a club has been outstanding this season.

"The bond is strong and hopefully is enough to push us on to promotion."

East Anglian Daily Times: Conor Chaplin with team mates Wes Burns and Janoi Donacien.Conor Chaplin with team mates Wes Burns and Janoi Donacien. (Image: Steve Waller)

Chaplin has been a key player for Town this season, scoring six goals and getting two assists in his 18 league appearances.

Arthur and his twin Betsy were born on September 5 this year.