A lucky couple from Suffolk are looking forward to their first carefree Christmas after they won £100,000 a month for a whole year from the National Lottery. 

Craig Harrison, 60, and his partner of 35 years Debbie Piper, 58, who manage the clifftop pub the Jolly Sailor in Lowestoft, won the prize after he bought a 12 Pays of Christmas scratchcard at his local Co-op in Pinewood Avenue. 

East Anglian Daily Times:

East Anglian Daily Times: The couple from Lowestoft won the National Lottery scratchcard The couple from Lowestoft won the National Lottery scratchcard (Image: The National Lottery)

Ms Piper said: "I’m still in shock, this will open doors that we couldn’t have dreamt of.

"Not only helping our family, which is obviously the best bit, but also enjoying carefree moments.

"Craig watches a TV show about The Savoy and we joked we’d save up to go for a meal one day, now we can go for a meal, and stay the night.

“Craig always said he would win on The National Lottery, I’m delighted his prediction has come true."

Mr Harrison said the reason for him buying the scratchcard in the first place was down to him cooking his family a roast dinner.

East Anglian Daily Times: He said: "Last week I went to put the roast potatoes on when I realised we were out of cooking oil.

"Just about to head to our local shop to grab some, Debbie asked me to go to the Co-Op instead so I could drop off some washing at the launderette on the way.

"While there I decided to treat us both to a National Lottery ‘12 Pays of Christmas’ scratchcard. 

“I can’t help thinking, if it weren’t for cooking oil and that bag of dirty laundry, I wouldn’t have been in the right place at the right time and we wouldn’t now be banking £100,000 a month for a year.”

East Anglian Daily Times:

East Anglian Daily Times:

Alongside a family Christmas Day at home, Mr Harrison and Ms Piper are thinking about the future with family, and Lowestoft, remaining at the heart of their plans. 

Mr Harrison said: “Family comes first with us so making sure our daughters and their families are secure is the priority. As for us, we’re currently renting a cottage in a beautiful location so we’re not in any hurry to move."