Can you give Fig the horse a home in time for Christmas?

Fig was rescued by Redwings in Norfolk in April 2019 and after spending three years with the sanctuary, she is ready to find a home to call her own.

She was found as a young filly, shut inside a trailer in her own filth and unable to stand without help.

Fig was seized by police, along with several dogs and some poultry, from a site in Suffolk.

Her owner was successfully prosecuted by the RSPCA for the suffering caused to the animals.

East Anglian Daily Times: Fig on arrival at Redwings in 2019Fig on arrival at Redwings in 2019 (Image: Redwings)

Jude Palmer, of Redwings, said: "It was suspected that Fig had been in the trailer since birth.

"On arrival at Redwings, she needed help from the team to stand.

"She had wounds across her body, which appeared to be pressure sores from the amount of time she had spent lying down.

"Fig was extremely emaciated.

"She had a body condition score of just 0.5 out of 5; a healthy BCS would be 3.

"Her feet were also very overgrown and misshapen.

“Due to her poor start in life, as Fig grew, she began to have issues with her conformation.

"She required special support from the Redwings veterinary team and farriers to ensure she grew well, with specialist farriery and in-hand walks to support her.

East Anglian Daily Times: Fig in 2022Fig in 2022 (Image: Redwings)

"As a youngster, she was also paired up with foster-mum Mildred who took her under her wing and taught her how to be a pony and live happily in a herd.

“Fig is now looking for a home as an unbacked project – this means she has received her basic handling training at Redwings and is now ready for an experienced guardian to take over the reins and teach her how to be a ridden pony."