A food pantry has been set up outside a church in Framlingham to help the community with essentials during the cost-of-living crisis.

A free food pantry has been opened outside Framlingham United Free Church, where people who are struggling for money can go and pick up food.

The church wanted to do something to help and rather than setting up a food bank, which is restrictive on time and requires volunteers and management, they decided to put something outside the church for people to access whenever they would like to.

The food pantry will be open 24/7, whenever someone requires it.

Nichola Glasse, from the church, said: "We just don't know who is facing hardship in the community.

East Anglian Daily Times: The food pantry outside Framlingham United Free ChurchThe food pantry outside Framlingham United Free Church (Image: Nichola Glasse)

"We didn't want people to get a fuel or electricity bill and it going up and then them wondering how they are going to get to the end of the month."

The food pantry compliments what has been set up at the library in Framlingham, where they have opened a food bank with items that have a shorter shelf-life.

The pantry at the church, however, will have longer-lasting foods such as tins, pasta, rice and cereals.

Mrs Glasse continued: "We have put the items in boxes so they are nice and safe, so we haven't got any issues with rain or animals gaining access to the food."

East Anglian Daily Times: Reverend Saul Tadzaushe next to the pantryReverend Saul Tadzaushe next to the pantry (Image: Nichola Glasse)

The pantry was officially opened on Sunday, January 8, by Reverend Saul Tadzaushe.

He said: "There are so many people going without food, and we don't want anyone having health problems because they can't afford it.

"We are committed as a church, we have put aside a budget a month to ensure that the pantry is filled and members of the church and the community are committed to ensuring that the pantry is always stocked with food." 

The church is also one of the many places in Framlingham to offer warm spaces for the community.