A Suffolk re-enactment group will be running five kilometres while wearing up to five stone in armour.

Suffolk Swords will be completing a 5k park run to raise money for a bleed kit in Ipswich, all while wearing full armour.

Suffolk Swords is a group that performs historical re-enactments around Suffolk.

In May they are planning to complete the 5k park run in Ipswich, with members of the group wearing helmets and body armour to complete it.

East Anglian Daily Times:

Dave Kirkby, one of the members of the group said: "We are a bunch of local people and we just started talking about something we could do for the local community.

"As a group that trains with swords and has an understanding of bladed combat, we are aware of the kind of injuries that can happen.

"We wanted to support this and get another bleed kit in town."

East Anglian Daily Times: Dave Kirkby and Dave Lloyd in their full armour that they will wear for their 5k runDave Kirkby and Dave Lloyd in their full armour that they will wear for their 5k run (Image: Amanda Heard)

Mr Kirkby has said that the hardest part of the challenge would be endurance.

He said: "It will be really hot as well, that is one of the main things we are concerned about because the padding underneath the armour is very thick.

"It's like wearing a duvet, so you are wearing one of them and then on top of that and encased, is thick steel which isn't very breathable.

Watch below, two members of Suffolk Swords test out running while wearing full armour. Credit: Amanda Heard

"I feel like no matter how much training I feel I put in, I know this is going to be hard work."

Mr Kirkby has said that he is planning to wear a t-shirt and tracksuit bottoms under his armour, which can weigh anything up to five stone or 32 kilograms and can also limit movement.

A bleed kit costs £550 to sponsor in the town, with the group's JustGiving page raising over half that target in just a few days.

East Anglian Daily Times: Dave Kirkby preparing for the runDave Kirkby preparing for the run (Image: Amanda Heard)