A poll carried out by this newspaper has found 73% of readers would not vote for Rishi Sunak in the next general election. 

East Anglian Daily Times:

As the country faces a national cost of living crisis, high levels of pressure on the NHS and strikes across key public sectors, the Prime Minister is attempting to tackle challenges on multiple fronts.

This latest survey has revealed Suffolk's opinion on Mr Sunak is overwhelmingly negative - with 74% saying they believe he is performing badly.

East Anglian Daily Times:

73% said they would not vote for him in the next election, while just 19% said they would. 

The remaining 8% were undecided. 

A majority of 49% said the PM should be focussing on the NHS as a priority, while 53% also highlighted the health service as the area in which he is performing the worst. 

East Anglian Daily Times:

However, a 43% majority pinpointed support with energy bills as his best achievement so far.

The survey results come as Mr Sunak enters his third month in No.10, replacing Liz Truss in late October.

Compared to the national picture, the latest YouGov data revealed 50% of Britons believe Mr Sunak is performing badly, while 29% say he is doing well.

What do this newspaper's readers make of Mr Sunak so far?

These comments have been taken from the comments section on our online poll and edited for clarity and length:

"Installing Rishi without allowing the membership the vote they were entitled to cost the Conservatives my membership."

"Totally out of touch. He doesn't care."

"He will be gone by the end of this year with election looming. The Tories have pressed self destruct and really need Boris to correct their fortunes."

"He is the best of a bad bunch. The two prime ministers before him were incompetent. The Conservatives shouldn’t be in power and we should call a general election."

"He has too much money to be interested in the welfare of the poor."