Concerns have been raised about the cutting back of a Suffolk hedgerow, which is reported to be endangering cyclists and has resulted in the loss of a valuable habitat for wildlife.

Mystery surrounds who is responsible for the pruning of the flora in Goldings Lane, which straddles the border between Leiston and Aldringham, or why the work is taking place, but posters to a community Facebook page are prickling with anger at events.

One poster said a section between the cycle barrier and water tower had been cut 'so low almost to the bank'.

She said the hedge was 'in the ditch together with all the debris' and said a dog walker had expressed concern about birds nesting in the hedge and the loss of their habitat.

She urged anyone worried about the situation to report their concerns to Suffolk County Council, adding: "Cyclists beware of the debris... You could get a puncture."

East Anglian Daily Times: Concerns have been raised about birds nesting in the hedgeConcerns have been raised about birds nesting in the hedge (Image: Submitted)

However, councillors in the area could not shed any light on what was going on either.

Cllr John Last, chair of Leiston Town Council, said residents had been in touch with the council to raise concerns about the hedge cutting and had been advised to contact the landowner.

He added: "It appears to be a mystery. Whether it is tidying up in terms of hedge trimming or whether there are any plans for that site. There is certainly nothing that the town council is aware of."

Maureen Jones, chair of Aldringham Parish Council, said: "I have been past there and have had a look and it seems to be a situation where it is not just a tidying up process, but they seem to have taken the hedge down to ground level."

She added that there had been a replanting programme, but could not say whether the work was part of development plans for the site.